About us

Founded in 1988, Exponens is an independent French accounting, consulting and audit firm, a major player in the accounting profession in France.

While maintaining our open structure, independence and human scale, Exponens aims to constantly improve its visibility and appeal for our clients by continuing to enhance our services offering. Exponens offers services for companies operating in all industries with an even more important expertise in insurance, energy, non profit, luxury goods, real estate, technology and subsidiaries of foreign companies.








accounting firm in France

40.3 M€


Our partners

Accountants, auditors, risk managers, actuaries, engineers, asset advisers, and information system experts. This unique panel offers our group a multispecialist feature that allows us to support you in all stages of your development.

Our group, organized into business divisions, brings together specialized employees who are constantly trained in technical developments.

Our strategic alliances

Because we want exemplary quality of service for our clients, Exponens is a member of large groups of firms to guarantee you access innovative services, regular quality control, constant monitoring of regulatory changes, and support for national or international development.

Exponens is a founding member of Eurus, the second largest federative organization of accounting and auditing firms in France. This pooling allows to offer a synergy of skills, experiences and services to member firms. They benefit from common tools and services, regular training, and a network throughout the country.

For more than 20 years, Exponens has been an active member of BKR International, one of the world’s 10 leading associations of accounting firms. This alliance allows us to support our clients abroad, and to welcome foreign companies in France via our international hub which works daily in German, English, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


ATH is an association of watch and technical maintenance that helps its member firms on topical issues such as new tax and legislative measures. Being a member of ATH means ensuring a constant technical regulatory watch and high quality services thanks to a training course and specialized seminars, a professional documentation center provided, and a control annual procedures.

Our solidarity commitments

Our profession leads us to work for private clients and professionals from all sectors, for women and men who carry a project, who want to change things. This ability of the human being to act and to obtain useful results, we decided to wear it as a commitment on a daily basis. For this reason, Exponens supports projects based on solidarity and humanity. We believe that the future is building together.