Other news for September 2022

Other news for September 2022

Other news for September 2022 550 240 Exponens International

Other news for September 2022

Publié le 12 September 2022

Termination of contracts by consumers; Electronic invoice in VAT groups; Minimum wage increase; Fuel prices

Termination of contracts by consumers

The recent law in favor of purchasing power simplifies the termination of contracts that are concluded with consumers electronically as well as those that have been concluded by another means but which, on the day of termination, can be concluded electronically. In practice, by June 1st, 2023, at the latest, traders will have to make available to consumers a feature on their website (for example, a button or a tab) free of charge allowing them to send, by electronic means, a termination notice and accomplish the necessary steps to terminate the contract. Upon the receipt of the termination notice, the trader must send to the consumer a confirmation message mentioning the receipt of the termination notice. Besides, the trader must inform the consumer the exact date on which the contract will end and the consequences of the termination.

Electronic invoice in VAT groups

From July 1st, 2024, members of a VAT group will have to use electronic invoicing and transmit certain transaction data to the tax authorities for transactions conducted with third parties. To support companies in the implementation of this system, the tax administration publishes on its website a frequently asked questions (FAQ), which it regularly updates. As such, it clarified its application in a VAT group.

Minimum wage increase

Due to the evolution of the consumer price index, the minimum wage has been raised by 2.01% as of August 1st, 2022. Thus, on this date, the gross hourly amount of the minimum wage is increased from € 10.85 to € 11.07. Its gross monthly amount now amounts to € 1,678.95 (against € 1,645.58 previously), for a working time of 35 hours per week. This amount is calculated as follows: 11.07 x 35 x 52/12 = € 1,678.95.

Fuel prices

Since April 1st, 2022, to limit the sharp increase in fuel prices that affects individuals, but also professionals such as farmers, fishermen, road carriers, public works contractors or taxis, exceptional aid of fifteen cents excluding tax per liter (18 cents including VAT) is granted by the government when buying fuel. Good news for the purchasing power of the French: from September until the end of October, the “fuel discount” will increase to 30 cents per liter. An allowance that will continue to benefit everyone, and not just modest households as the government had initially envisaged.

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