Paper receipts, it is almost over!

Paper receipts, it is almost over!

Paper receipts, it is almost over! 550 240 Exponens International

Paper receipts, it is almost over!

Publié le 9 December 2022

As of January 1st, 2023, the systematic printing and distribution of receipts will be prohibited in shops.

On January 1st, the systematic issuance of paper receipts in shops and business premises open to the public will be prohibited. The same will apply to credit card tickets, vouchers, and promotional tickets. Therefore, businesses will be able to print them only if the customer requests it.

Note: This measure, although provided for by the law of 10 February 2020 on the fight against waste, it is also intended to protect the customers’ health because tickets contain dangerous substances, namely bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor present in ticket ink.

As an exception, receipts relating to the purchase of “durable” goods (household appliances, telephony, computers, etc.) and credit card receipts tracing cancelled/credited transactions will continue to be done in paper format.

Attention: The particulars of this measure must still be specified by a decree yet to be published. The decree is expected to confirm the cases in which the printing ban does not apply and to lay down the procedures under which consumers are informed of this prohibition and of their right to request a printed receipt.

Therefore, businesses will have to adapt to this change. However, this is not about giving nothing to consumers. Because for the latter, the receipt allows them to check the price of the items paid and to detect any errors. It also allows them to return a defective product or obtain an exchange or refund. The transmission of tickets by text message or email is obviously an alternative. But it involves having a suitable cash register software and obtaining the customer’s consent to be able to use his mobile number or email address. However, consumers are likely to be reluctant to provide their digital contact information for fear of receiving unwanted advertisements or commercial newsletters.

Important: Pending the entry into force of the law, businesses have every interest, to raise awareness among their customers, to display in their store, especially at the cash register, a warning message of the abolition, from January 1st, 2023, of the systematic printing of receipts as well as a message reminding them of their right to request a printed ticket.

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