A one-stop shop for business formalities

A one-stop shop for business formalities

A one-stop shop for business formalities 550 240 Exponens International

A one-stop shop for business formalities

Publié le 9 December 2022
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From January 1st, 2023, companies will have to conduct their formalities electronically on an electronic one-stop shop.

From next January 1st, the formalities of companies will have to be completed in a dematerialized way via an electronic one-stop shop.

Already operational, this one-stop shop is accessible via the www.formalites.entreprises.gouv.fr website. Companies, whatever their legal form (micro-enterprise, sole proprietorship, or company) and their field of activity (commercial, craft, professional, agricultural) will therefore have to use it for all their formalities of creation (registration), modification (changes relating to their premises or managers), closing of activity as well as to file their annual accounts.

Note: This one-stop shop will replace the 6 networks of centres for business formalities (CFE(1)) that currently exist and are managed respectively by the chambers of commerce and industry, the chambers of trades and crafts, the chambers of agriculture, the registrars, the DGFiP(2) (The Directorate General of Public Finance) and the URSSAF (Union for the recovery of social security contributions and family allowances).

In practice, when conducting their first formality on the one-stop shop, companies will have to create an account to identify themselves and access the secure deposit environment. Then, depending on the type of formality considered, the one-stop shop will offer them a suitable online form and will indicate the information and supporting documents to be provided.

Note: In his press release of November 16, 2022, the Minister of Economy and Finance indicates that applicants will be able to benefit from free advice-assistance to help them complete their formalities, both on the technical aspects of using the website and on the regulatory aspects. This assistance will be accessible by telephone, face-to-face (possibility to take an appointment with the competent advice-giving network) or online.

In parallel with the implementation of the one-stop shop, a single register of companies will be created on January 1st, 2023; a register that will centralize all information concerning companies and will replace the existing National Trade and Companies Register (RNCS(3)), the Trade Directory and the Agricultural Assets Register.

(1) Centres de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE)

(2) Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFiP)

(3) Registre National du Commerce et des Sociétés (RNCS)

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