The healthcare sector (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical equipment companies) has seen major changes in its economic environment, which have led to greater constraints for companies.
On the one hand, activity growth has slowed down because of pressure on selling prices linked to the sale of generic drugs, stricter requirements from health authorities in terms of the safety and proof of efficacy of drugs, and greater control of public healthcare expenditure.

On the other hand, R&D costs are growing sharply (higher spending for less finding), the window for a return on investment is narrowing (shorter patent protection times), and access to capital is becoming more difficult. Companies therefore must make do with less.
Exponens has supported companies in this sector for many years (subsidiaries of pharmaceutical groups, listed and unlisted biotechnology companies, distributors of medical equipment, etc.). We conduct audit and accounting engagements as well as provide assistance with tax and social security matters.

Your concerns

  • You need to close your accounts rapidly to communicate to the market and investors and regularly need accurate accounting information to steer your activities
  • You want to secure your external growth transactions in France and overseas
  • You require assistance in calculating your pharmaceutical taxes and establishing your research tax credit
  • You wish to develop your activity in France by establish an appropriate structure (subsidiary, branch, liaison office) and seek a solid partner that will support you
Audit contractuel
Accompagnement juridique

Our offering

  • Accounting and financial assistance: account keeping and audits, preparation of reports (in the group’s required accounting format and system), consolidation, preparation of your tax returns
  • Legal audit of family-owned groups, intermediate-sized companies, SMEs and SMIs
  • Assistance in performing transactions: due diligence procedures, business transfer, etc.
  • Help in preparing your business plans
  • Legal and tax assistance

Your benefits

  • The experience we have built up in this sector thanks to our loyal clients who are major players on their markets
  • Our human-scale company and its stable, committed teams provide you with a tailored offering, and guarantee a personalised, responsive service
  • Our skills are multi-disciplinary, which means we can cover all of your requirements in an integrated and pragmatic fashion
  • Because our partners are proactive members of BKR International, you are guaranteed immediate help if you require services overseas
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