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Real Estate

Whether you are an individual or a professional, your financial success depends on the long-term growth of your portfolio. Regulatory changes are constant, and it is necessary to have a specialist on your side with a perfect knowledge of the real estate sector, and accounting, tax and legal issues.

At Exponens, we have highly experienced people who deal with investment funds and real estate companies, property investment, commercial real estate and welfare housing. This allows us to have a better understanding of your challenges and solve complex problems in accounting, taxation, wealth management, audit, or legal.

Property companies & Investment funds

  • Implementation and preparation of various regular reports (IFRS Gaap, US Gaap, lux. Gaap, etc.)
  • Account keeping and responsibility for tax declarations (corporate tax, VAT, value added contribution for businesses, rental income tax, etc.) for all types of property investment vehicles (simplified stock company, property investment company, SPPICAV , SPPICAV subsidiaries, REIT, etc.)
  • Preparation of the parent company and consolidated financial statements
  • Responsibility for interfacing with legal auditors
  • Financial and accounting due diligence procedures and valuation on shares in property companies
  • Assistance with drawing up business plans
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Property investment

  • We provide assistance from simulation of your investment, partly financed using personal funds and the remainder through a loan or property finance lease, through to discussions with the banks
  • If you are investing in a professional (LMP) or non-professional (LMNP) furnished rental scheme, we help with account keeping, including depreciation by component, and establish the necessary tax declarations in accordance with Article 39-C of the General Tax Code
  • We will create the ad-hoc legal structure (family-owned limited company, property investment company, income tax-based, wealth tax-based, etc.) that is most attractive from a tax perspective while also taking into account the impact this choice has on your social security coverage

Commercial real estate

  • Contractual audits of property management agents and property owner associations
  • Auditing of expense breakdowns between co-owners
  • Training of your staff in the prevailing regulations on co-ownership management
  • Implementation of the requirements of the SRU Law in accordance with the application decree of 14 March 2005
  • Accompanying property management agents in fulfilling their legal obligations (the Hoguet Law in particular)

Social housing companies

We work by your side helping you to meet your legal requirements and we adapt to your specific situation:

  • Accountancy
    From the preparation of your accession budget to account keeping and the presentation of your accounts during annual general meetings
  • Legal audit
    As statutory auditor of your housing development cooperative (Société Coopérative de Production – SCP) or cooperative company of collective interest (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif – SCIC), we help strengthen the relationship of trust between you and your co-operators
  • Legal affairs
    We help you to prepare articles of association, organise and hold annual general meetings and board of directors’ meetings. We also help to transform your SCP (housing development cooperative) into an SCIC (cooperative company of collective interest) by assisting with legal documentation and other formalities
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