Gestion sociale

Payroll & HR Management

Exponens understood at a very early stage that there was a need to offer payroll and human resources services since practices and regulations in this area are constantly changing. Our team of around twenty payroll assistants, consultants and legal consultants cover all requirements in payroll management, personnel administration and employment law.

Outsourcing payroll management and personnel administration

  • Preparation of pay slips using our own application (our clients can use our internet portal to input variable items into the system) or that of our client at their premises (large volumes or as a replacement of internal resources)
  • Preparation of regular social security declarations
  • Assistance registering with social security bodies and occupational healthcare
  • Preparation of certificates
  • Management of paid leave and 35-hour work week
  • Lunch vouchers management
  • Registration to DGFIP (tax authorities) for Withholding Income Tax on your employees’wages, in association with our business partner Eurotax.
Gestion de la paie
Vie du contrat de travail

HR Consultancy

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Management of individual employment contract terminations and the resulting financial implications
  • Assistance with controls by social security bodies (URSSAF and labour inspectorate)
  • Evaluation of retirement payments
  • Social audit and implementation of procedures
  • Election of employee representative bodies
  • Preparation of profit sharing and bonus agreements
  • Annual social report
  • Retirement report, optimisation of pension and health insurance

Specific assistance for foreign employers

  • Registration in France
  • Simulation of net payments and provisional budgets for personnel expenses
  • Membership of and relations with social security bodies
Accompagnement juridique
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