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Wealth Management

The Wealth Engineering activity was developed with a view to offering services that complement our audit and accounting services. To meet your objectives as best as possible, Exponens Wealth Management conducts a wealth audit, a necessary starting point to ensure a quality relationship of trust. Based on this audit, we can build an architecture of your wealth, advise you, and meet your short-, medium- and long-term objectives.

Developing the assets of entrepreneurs, employees, private individuals…

  • Implement a strategy of property asset acquisition
  • Help you optimise, allocate and switch your financial assets
  • Propose the most advantageous tax budget (life assurance policy, equity savings plan, etc.)
Déroulement de la missio

Tax optimisation

  • Select your method of remuneration (wages, dividends, etc.)
  • Generate low-tax property income (furnished rental, equipped rental, etc.)
  • Generate recurrent financial income (life assurance, endowment policy, etc.)
  • Reduce your wealth tax (wealth tax ceiling, bare ownership, etc.)

Acquire your business property

  • Develop your property assets by investing in business property
  • Study the legal and fiscal consequences of selected schemes
  • Draw up a provisional budget
Domiciliation d'entreprise
Gestion courante des sociétés

Prepare for your retirement

  • Assess the available income you will have on retirement
  • Help you to obtain your entitlements on retirement
  • Implement appropriate measures to generate additional income (PERP, Madelin contract, property, etc.)

Transfer your assets

  • Preparation to pass on your assets by taking specific situations into account: reconstructed family, several beneficiaries, etc.
  • Set up a “host structure” for your assets to facilitate sharing them (holding company, property investment company, family-owned limited company, life assurance policy, etc.)
Bilans retraite
Audit légal & Commissaires aux comptes

Business services for companies, liberal professions, individual undertakings

  • Treasury management
  • Individual and group protection schemes
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Business transfer
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